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What's new? Well it's my hope that the upcoming season brings "new" opportunities and a chance for a great set of bookings. I can honestly say that I've noticed an uptick in emails and general contacts (leads) on my website and postings, but those don't always generate into paid bookings. And why not? With no clear cut answer available, it may simply be because people want and need to shop around for the best price, and honestly, that's how it's supposed to be. That is the nature of business. But let me offer just a bit of caution to potential clients.

Better prices does not always equate to better service. Yes, you can GOOGLE DJ's/photo booths and check FACEBOOK, Craigslist and even Offer Up and you will find event services companies out there. But a key issue I think will always come up is communication. Of course,  you'll compare quotes and prices because a lot of "leg work"  with booking event services, can be done over emails and texts.  But sometimes a friendly, informative packed phone call can replaces days of the back and forth and can really just cut into the point of things. Which is simply that you need event services at a good price.

So with that, I offer this. Let's talk. Have a question? Ask it. Have a concern? Share it. The reality of it is only two things are going to happen. I'm either going to work with you on your next even or I'm not. Either way, I wish you well and enjoy! 

Thanks for reading!



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