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360 Spinner

The 360 Spinner! It's arrived and is definitely the way to go when throwing your next event. It's fun, easy to use and more affordable than you think. 


The 360 Spinner consists of a flat platform connected to a rotating arm affixed with a phone running the software/program and it can accommodate 3-4 individuals, depending on size. Once activated the arm will spin around the platform and it will create a fun, awesome, high-speed & slo-mo video that can be saved and/or posted to any social media site. The 360 Spinner can also be equipped with an LED light ring (for use at night) and LED photography lighting can be added to enhance the videos and overall experience New for this year is my 360 Top Spinner which rotates from above and can accommodate larger groups and it is really amazing to see. Check below for some recent videos!

Also, custom branding and templates can be designed by us, for any type of event, along with an added songs of your choosing to round out the 360 experience. Important note- it does not require access to power and only needs a small amount of room for set-u and all the videos are sent via SMS/TXT msg. 


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