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Q. How much do you charge?
In simplest terms pricing depends on many factors. Some are the type of event service you're booking, location of the event and of the course the date and time. Some companies offer a flat rate per hour, especially with DJ services. And though it sounds good and affordable, there may be restrictions and limitations. Such as a 4hr minimum, early booking times, no lighting/mics, paying for standby time while waiting and of course paying for set-up and tear downs time as well. But in terms of "our" booking, we provide an ALL inclusive flat rate for your
event services. 


Q. What is a Booking?
A booking is a contractual agreement for services  to be provided a pre-determined date, time and rate. The agreement will cover the type of event service to be provide ast what cost. Additionally, the booking covers liability concerns as well (Insurance) and any potential issues that may arise. Want to see our simple contract/quote? Let us know and I'll send one over!



Q. How do I book you for an event?
You may contact us through the website to start the booking process. And/or we can set-up a free face to face (ZOOM) consultation and discuss ALL your event needs. A quote may also be provided as needed and should you book us for an event, a deposit (TBD) will be required. 




Q. Are you guys any good? Are you trustworthy?
To be honest most DJ's and for that matter most event service companies are good and there are a lot of them out there. Most will show up on time, with great equipment and put on an awesome show. We are not different. What I think sets us apart from most, is the booking, which is SOLID. 
When we say we will be there, we will. Whether your booking is next month, or next year, your trust in us is appreciated and worry not, your deposit is safe!

Q. Do you do promo events?
Yes! If you are a church group, civic organization, NPO or maybe you just need event services and have special circumstances. Then reach out to us and let's talk about it. We do several events around San Antonio every year, free-of-charge. 




Q. In case of emergencies or the need to cancel (COVID...etc). What can be done?

For a emergency situations, we can understand a postponement or other such needs, but FYI, there is NO REFUND of the deposit. We can however, discuss moving your booking to another date, to be determined on and agreed upon by both parties.



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