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We are pleased to announce the addition of an LED Photo Booth to our line up of services we can provide. You will now be able to rent our Social Media Photo Booth or "bundle" it with our DJ services to extend your budget and ensure that you put on the best event possible.
If you do not know what a "Social Media Photo Booth" is, let me explain. It is a free standing unit with LED lighting that will a take a digital pic, a GIF or video, then  attach it to a custom designed "template". Next, it is then instantly sent in a text message, to any cell phone number that is imputed into the system. The text will have the event information, a custom message of your choice and a link to the photo/video that was just taken.  Once the link is clicked your guests will be able to save it or post it to any social media platform they want. In terms of pricing, this option is the best and with "Age of Selfies" in social media...the ease of posting the photo/video to a website is ideal and kind of awesome! Additionally, all the photos/vids taken at your event will be put into a DROPBOX folder, to which you will be sent the link so that you may have access to any or all of the photos/vids that were taken. We do not BATCH any phone numbers and ALL photos and videos will be deleted within 48 hrs of your event.  
Of course, if you'd like the traditional option, a DNP printer can be provided which will allow for photos to be printed for your event in about 7-10 seconds. There will be a "cost" for this service:)
All of the packages will come with a Photo Booth attendant who will promptly arrive on time and set up the booth for your guests and who will professionally and courteously assist your guests in the picture process. The attendant will also set up a table full of fun and eye catching PROPS to enhance the photo experience of your guests at your event.
And as of 2020 we have just added a FULL SIZE "Camera" shaped LED inflatable enclosure, which is awesome and can fit large groups and will make your event stand out from the rest! We also added a Photo Booth canopy which can also accommodate your event and comes with removable front, rear and side panels. They are both great for your event...and will be included in the overall price!
For corporate to us about "BRANDING" and "LOGOS".
All of our packages will come with the Photo Booth unit, a Photo Booth attendant and assorted Props for your event (if needed). If you require "printing",  a printing station will be made available in the included quoted price. All the packages include a face-to-face consultation to go over all the details and to discuss the Photo Templates for your event and to lock down the design options.
Now there are un-included extras available to add to any package we offer. They are as follows:
**additional rental hour- $150 (this fee is to add another hour to your booking, TBD by the photo attendant)
*standby/idle time- $50 (this fee is added when the booth has to be set up 1 or more hrs before the event)
*event location- $5 a mile (this fee will be added to any event over 50 miles from the zip code 78201)
*back drop- $25-$150 (this fee will be added if a back drop <any color or custom> is needed)
*GREEN screen $??? (a fee TBD will be added when you wish to add a unique back drop to every photo)
*Surveys- $25 (the fee will be added if a custom survey is needed < Great for corporate events>)
*USB drive- FREE (you will a get copy of ALL photos, GIFS, videos of your event)
Online hosting- FREE (all photos/vids can be saved for 1 year after the event, so copies can be requested)
PRICING- contact us through this site and lets' discuss the best price we can offer.
In the end, we want to be the event company that you come back to for ALL your event needs. So communication is key and we hope to hear from you.
Thank you
COPS and Robbers Ent.
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