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As a native of San Antonio, music is in my blood and in my culture. Before I ever thought of being a DJ or starting an event company, I was always sort of a home grown musician and I truly loved all kinds of music and the expressiveness it brings. This fact only added to the satisfaction I receive when providing my DJ and event related services to the public.

I also had a calling for something more, and something bigger than myself, which was public service and with that, I have been a Police Officer for over 20 years and I am honored to serve my community and the people of San Antonio and the great State of Texas. 

I know that my duty and dedication is invaluable and when you couple that with the desire to lead, you get a winning combination. I truly believe that you can see this when you get to know me and after deciding to book your next event with COPS and Robbers Entertainment. 

I thank you. And hope to work with you soon. 


aka DJ Five-O


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