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Silent Disco

Our Silent Disco party is just the unique experience you need for your next event and let us explains how it works. Every party-goer receives a LED lit wireless headphone, which glow RED , BLUE & GREEN. Each color represents a specific DJ/audio source which is playing a specific genre of music. The party-goers can than decide what they want to listen to, and change the channel and adjust the volume to their liking right on the headphones. 

This Silent Disco can set-up almost anyplace you can think of and is perfect, indoors or outdoors. You don't even have to have a DJ to throw a party, we can provide up to 3 audio sources that can be set to play any music you decide on!

Pair the Silent Disco with some awesome LED disco lights  and you have a party like no other. Right now we have just over 50 pairs of headphones available and we can customize your party package to suit your event. Let's talk!     

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