A SILENT DISCO is an awesome fun unique way of enjoying music from a DJ driven event. Guests "rent" or are "issued" wireless headphones, then they are thrust into a silent dance atmosphere which instantly transforms your event into a high energy dance - suitable for all ages. In most cases the music is provided by 3 DJ's...the Blue DJ, the Red DJ and the Green DJ, with each DJ playing whatever type music they choose or were chosen to play; which will cover a wide variety of genres. With the headphones on the sound is crisp and clear anywhere in the venue - whether you are in front, in the back or outside. And since the guests and the DJ's are all wearing headphones, everyone can hear the mix exactly how the DJ intended it to be heard and enjoyed. The headphones are equipped with their own STEREO volume control and a 3 channel receiver which is COLOR CODED on the headphones and displays as Blue, Red and Green. It also displays as a bright colored LED on each of the headphones ear pieces, which makes for a great effect while dancing. Additionally each channel/color will correspond to each of the separate DJ's (Blue/Red/Green) and you and your guests can jump from channel to channel, DJ to DJ, finding the perfect songs to dance to.

Right now I have about 60 pairs of headphones, which is perfect for small to medium events. So just reach out to me and lets discuss putting together a package that suits your event needs:)!

The SILENT DISCO is perfect for a bar, church group, social club, small bar and grilles or even a hip and trendy restaurant type business that is wanting to BOOST their customer satisfaction with something different and exciting. If you are interested and/or have questions about this...please let me know. Right now, we are also willing to partner with a business that will help us bring back the SILENT DISCO craze to San Antonio and the surrounding areas. 

Thank you
COPS and Robbers Entertainment
(check the pics below...more to come!)