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DJ Five-0
Get to know Michael
Hello, I am the majority owner of COPS&Robbers ent. and I am a full-time Police Officer in San Antonio, Texas. As a lover of ALL music, I will do my very best to ensure that we have the most diverse selection of music for your event enjoyment. As such, I will make sure that when you book with us, you are 100% satisfied and willing to do it again. Please let your friends and family know ALL about us and if someone you know books with us and provides us "our" business card; YOU get $50.00.

Thank you for stopping by our site, don't forget to order a from our online store!                                       


Get to know Mark
Hi, I am Mark and I am part owner of COPS&Robbers ent. I am NOT a Felon but I do joke around that my LOVE of ALL music should be CRIME. I enjoy mixing Hip-Hop and adding my own signature to the mix. Like my brother, I too will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your booking and I am glad you stopped by our site and I look forward to hearing from ya'!
Thank you and stop by again real soon.